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Angus Harvey, purveyor of Scottish clothing, historian and kilt maker
Angus Harvey creates hand-crafted  clothing for the highland man and woman. He
specializes  in historically accurate 'wee' kilts, and  for those inclined to wear a Great
Kilt he has those, too. From ancient to modern he has what you need.

  Formally trained in both sewing and kiltmaking, Angus is  the resident kilt maker at
the beautiful
Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the first and only
person to hold that distinction.  You can also find him each summer in Michigan at
The Michigan Renaissance Faire. 
As a historian and writer in the area of Highland clothing history, Angus is always
happy to share his knowledge. So, if you need information or want to place an order,  pllease contact Angus at the email address below.